Thank you for all the comments last week. I never got to reply… I hurt my arm (my one useable arm!), so I’m struggling to type/use the computer or do much of anything really – even stroking Molly-cat hurts :/ It was x-rayed last Friday, but I’m assuming it’s OK as I’ve not heard anything… So I’m here – popping the paracetamol – and here’s a photo from the beginning of the year showing treasures atop my desk and wee side drawers. The painting far left was done a number of years ago by Jane at This Unfolding – she is my Muse 🙂 Happy WOYWW! Sharing over here.desk-002.JPG



Another very lovely gift arrived in the post last Friday…desk-001I am surely blessed by online friends I’ve never met in real life ❤ Roz saw my post about the Alchemy Course, and the question of which animal(s) was symbolic for me, and thought the deck would help me ponder the question further. What a perfectly thoughtful and inspiring gift! I found a bag in my stash that suited perfectly (I struggle with boxes one-handed), and I love that the deck includes 3 blank cards to draw/paint your own – I’m thinking a barn owl (of course!) and those fantastic creatures you see depicted in illuminated manuscripts… Sharing with other lovely online buddies here 😀

PS Recently I found this – as an avid art-lover, how did I not know it existed?? Art every day=bliss ❤


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and get-well wishes last week, they really lifted my spirits (I am feeling much better – the intense pain has abated to a dull ache across my back, phew!) Spirits were lifted even higher by a surprise package in the post on Monday…desk-001I had no idea I’d receive such goodies when I started the Belle Coeur Spiritual Formation last summer. All are infused with Sibyl’s loving care and attention to meaningful details, and the prayer shawl is just gorgeous – both in colour and softness ❤ I am now officially a ‘Sister’ (oh my!) and my pre-teen self, who so wanted to run away to a convent, could not be happier 😀 Sharing with other deskers here.


This is not how it was supposed to go – especially after the excited post last week. I have shingles. The spots appeared in the small of my back last Wednesday evening – they are progressing over my left hip (my good hip, which is making walking especially difficult). The nerve pain is horrible, so I am dosed up on pain-killers, and hoping the horse pills the doctor gave me will do their work and prevent nerve damage :/ I’m trying to think straight, scribbling in my notebook on my lap desk on the sofa, as I work on the online course which began on Monday (today I’m pondering animals that ‘speak’ to me and asking why…). Feeling sad and sorry for myself 😦desk-001.JPGSharing over here.


Busy, busy… pulled out all my Jung books (some books you never throw away, ever!), making a list of images/symbols that speak to me, continuing with the alchemy theme as next Monday I start this course. I really cannot wait! This is the wonder of the internet – I can ‘attend’ a course hosted in South Africa from my living room – and they supply a transcript of the classes. As someone who learns best by reading, I am thrilled! So much content on the internet is podcasts now, and I just can’t get on with them – give me good ole-fashioned text any day! Sharing over at ‘Desk Central (Stamping Ground) 😀desk-001.JPG


Finally, after another busy week and weekend, this week is a little calmer and more sedate… So on my desk is a new project – another journal, fun research into a favourite topic (though it’s the natural philosophy side rather than the scientific side I enjoy – not to mention the stunning artwork, especially here) 😀desk-001inside-001The journal is another of Sara’s, the papers (sorry, they washed out in the top photo as my camera tried to brighten the dark-coloured books – they are richer colours in real life) are from here, the gorgeous hardback is here, the paperback is here.

If you want to see my completed sisterhood journal, it’s here on my sister-blog 🙂

Sharing with all the lovely deskers over at the Stamping Ground. And I had to include THE gorgeous big bright full moon of the past few days ❤ moon-001.JPG


At the beginning of February, I started drawing faces as part of the 29faces challenge (there’s a button in my sidebar). I’d bought this book in anticipation, intending to draw a face a day, thinking it would be a relaxing activity when half-watching stuff on TV…drawfacesTurns out, it is anything but… I’m actually finding it stressful and not much fun at all 😦 But I tried, and here are the very mixed results. The more finished faces took A LOT of time and energy (and a couple were drawn a while ago), so I’ve decided not to continue with the challenge. I simply don’t have the energy or the enthusiasm at the moment. Hoping to visit more desks this week while sharing with Ms Julia here.


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