Sunday trees 365

This wee tree is giving its all in its autumn display.  Does anyone know what it is? fiery-001.JPGSharing with Becca.


what’s on your workdesk? wednesday 492

The New Reed** Moon is tonight, but I made my moonboard yesterday, so I could photograph and post today…board-001.JPGI was even inspired to pen a wee poem…

Root your days in Gratitude,

Leave your nights to the Unknown –

there are always stars to guide you

and Sister Moon knows the way.

Sharing the creativity here.

** while reed is not a tree, the Celtic ogham calendar recognises other plants too. The message of reed is deep rootedness, and the inner strength to thrive in the ambiguity of other elements (earth and water), and be nourished by both. A most versatile plant used by humans for millennia for roofs and floors, baskets and pipes…


It’s been a very busy week – emotionally and physically demanding – but I DID finish the jigsaw, finally! It’s now back in its box, and it may be a while before I attempt another :/ P1050305-001.JPGWishing you all a Happy Halloween, and a Special Samhain ❤

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For most people, jigsaws are relaxing – the opposite of work – and this is supposed to be a blog-hop of our workdesks.edge-002.JPGBut this is my first attempt at a jigsaw since my stroke 11 years ago, and I can tell you it is HARD! I thought the challenge would be to my dexterity – handling the roughly 1.5cm-sized pieces – but no, I am using parts of my brain I haven’t used for well-over a decade!box-001I found I could only sort out the straight edges by turning the pieces over – the blue background against the wood made it easier to spot the straight edges.barn-001As I tried to connect the pieces, I was surprised to find the colours and patterns didn’t help (too confusing!), so I’m looking at the precise shape of the pieces. I cannot sit at it for too long – I honestly get brain-ache, that slightly dizzy, queasy feeling I remember I got the first time I sat up, the first time I stood, the first car ride, the first trip to the supermarket…

I can honestly say, I am working very hard at my ‘desk’ (the dining table) trying to complete this 500-piece puzzle… And I must say I am very proud of myself to get this far todayfolk-001.JPGSharing with Julia here.

Wed. am UPDATE: Boy, I was tired!! Didn’t even open my eyes till almost 7am – two hours later than usual… Clearly, my brain needed the ZZzzz’s.sleep