Hello, I’m Claire and welcome πŸ™‚

I have finally, sort of, figured out the basics of WordPress… I’ve been a Blogger-user for over 15 years, but as a life-long learner, I knew I needed to branch out and tackle a new platform. (Here’s the Blogger version of the same name, if you’re interested.)

The title is quite deliberate…It’s a take on a favourite song from a favourite musician – Joni Mitchell’s ‘Woman of Heart and Mind’ – which reflects a lot of who I am.

Art, in all its forms, is VERY important to me and speaks to the deep parts of me. But also, I’m pretty cerebral and thinking/pondering/deliberating is just what I do – even now as a stroke survivor.

The months after the stroke (which hit 9 May 2007) were SO difficult because I couldn’t speak, read or write. I struggled to sit up, to swallow, as every part my right side was paralyzed. But with regular therapies (speech therapy, physiotherapy, and more recently, hydrotherapy), I can now do most things left-handed (although zips still flummox me). I can sit, stand up, walk short distances with a stick. My speech has returned, and I finally sound like me – I was mistaken for being Swedish for a number of years, as I experienced FAS.

I have also learned again to read and write, draw and paint. They are still challenging, but the more I do them, the better I get πŸ™‚

Now, more than 11 years since this life-changing event, I can only feel joy, hope and deep gratitude. It could have been SO much worse!! Had the clot been 2 cms to the right, I could have died, or been totally paralyzed and locked-in…
Unable to speak, read, write, sit up, stand, walk…
You get the idea!
Every day IS a gift, even the bad ones, as I’m here to experience them.
PS The captivating young woman, with her strong steady gaze, who graces this blog was found somewhere on the internet sometime ago… If anyone knows from where, and if I’m breaching copyright, please let me know.

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