New Birch Moon

I love birch trees – the Ladies of the Wood. Here’s our own Lady, on an all-too-rare sunny day, in the backgardenbirch-001.JPGTall, elegant and always reaching for the sky… I’d LOVE to be a birch for a day – a bright, almost-Spring day with the sun shining warmer than it has for weeks, the sky bluer than it’s been all Winter, with wee birds hopping from twig to twig… Wouldn’t that be grand?

Tonight (in the very small hours of tomorrow) is the first New Moon of the New Year and my moonboard is alive with the magical possibilities…board-001Lovely images – a mix of magazine adverts and old diary pages… left page: A big glass of fizz with ‘Oh Happy Day!’ affixed on to the advert; a beautiful woman looks over to the other page (or to the future?); a busy, but organised, home-office; a pretty set of wooden stools; and the words: ‘The day are gods, only no-one suspects it’ ~ Emerson; right page: A cute clock image with the quote, ‘All times are beautiful for those who maintain joy within them’ ~ Rosalie Castro; a PapayaArt image with the words: ‘Follow Your Heart and Chase the Sun’; and a favourite quote: ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.’ And I’ve written next to the spine of the spread, REFLECT JOY AND PEACE – Reflect is my Word for 2019.

I am hoping to make a moonboard every new moon this year, if not every full moon. This is my intention, at least… 2019 here we come!!




2 thoughts on “New Birch Moon

  1. Happy New Year Claire! Oh, I love the idea of creating a moonboard, especially during the new moon phase (this weekend!). Yours is fabulous! The beautiful silver birch tree always makes me think about new beginnings, so perfect image for January. Blessings always, Deborah.


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