My Word for 2019

Once again, it’s taken a wee while to reveal itself… Every year I use this and this to put myself in the space where my Word can come. I’ve learned it cannot be forced, and that it will come when it’s ready 🙂

I sat with several ‘good’ words throughout December… but none seemed to stick. So I pondered and I journalled – and I waited… Then last night, I picked up my new planner (which I shared here) to enter the coming week’s activities, and there it was, large as life – atop every other page…reflect-003.JPGSometimes our Words are hiding in plain sight! So my Word for 2019 is:

I added my Word to this photo of a favourite fabric journal cover from this artist bought several years when Conni had an etsy shop. I still use it – I simply replace the journal when it’s full. The original painting was called ‘Martha’ – I just love her soft backward glance.

I want 2019 to be the year I make time to Be, not just Do. The year, when each and every week, I REFLECT on how I feel about the past seven days – what I enjoyed, what challenged me, what I learned, for what I am thankful – and this planner does just that. Clearly, I ‘knew’ what I needed for 2019, and while it took a few weeks to come to my conscious mind,  the Word (and the new planner!) were there, just waiting…



4 thoughts on “My Word for 2019

  1. Hello dear Claire, hope you had a lovely Christmas. Love your word and the cover of this journal, simply wonderful. I haven’t picked my word yet, not sure if I want a word for this new year, but your post has inspired me, i’ll give some thought to it. Wishing a wonderful new year to you my friend! Hugs and love.


  2. Lovely, and I’m glad you found the elusive Word! I have in mind what I want to do for the New Year, but haven’t yet come up with one word to sum it up. Oh, well, there’s another day left to consider it!


  3. After Meg’s comment, I had to re-read your post to see if you were coming up for a word for 2018 (in summary) or for 2019 (in anticipation)…. I suppose you could have a word for each of those things, but it most likely wouldn’t be the same word.

    If one word could sum up 2018 for me, it would be “change”. (As in the passage of time, not as in 5p.)
    I am slightly anxious about 2019, and the future in general (look who’s at the helm of our country), so I think the word for 2019 may be “HELP!” We shall see.


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