I have always wanted one of these, but they’re SO expensive to buy new! Not that I believe one can ‘plan happiness’, but I do like the format encouraging one to reflect on events and be more self-aware of feelings and reactions on a regular basis – and to write these thoughts down…desk-002.JPGI found this one secondhand on ebay – it’s not a colour I would have chosen (I prefer the navy one), but it’s in immaculate condition, but has 2016/17 diary in the front, so obviously a couple of years’ old. HOWEVER, as the day-to-day pages are undated, and can be started anytime, it’s irrelevant, and is simply a great bargain 😀

PS Can I ask you to click on the new button on my sidebar – just above the WOYWW button? I’ve taken part in 12 Days of Love Letter Writing for a few years now, as I well know the joy a handwritten note or card carries – especially from the other side of the globe ❤ The only commitment is to blog at least once in the 12 days, and send at least one Love Letter (what’s writing one more Christmas card at this time of year??) It all starts next Monday (3rd December) – it’s one kind of happiness one can plan 🙂

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19 thoughts on “woyww495

  1. Glad you managed to get hold of what you wanted second hand. You can always decorate the cover more to your taste. Enjoy your new planner/reflection journal. Sarah #10


  2. Glad you managed to get the book you wanted, Claire. It all sounds a bit too organised for me though! I used to be so organised… now my life is much more chaotic! Thank you for your visit. Yes, we often say our kitties look like bookends! Had to capture that moment though – absolutely identical positions! So glad you like my flowers.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #1


  3. What a bargain that diary was. Isn’t it pleasing when you find something like that – good luck with it.
    Also with the letter writing – can’t promise I will remember but if I do I will join in if I can.
    Thanks for persevering with my link – now done a second one.
    Hugs, Neet xx


  4. Finding things for a bargain that you want but are too expensive to buy new… those are the best! Enjoy, enjoy! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #17


  5. Hi Claire, have fun with your new planner. Great that you got it at a bargain price! I’ll have a look at the letter writing. Not sure if I will join in, but I agree that it is lovely to send and receive handwritten letters. Thanks for stopping by earlier and have a lovely week Heather x #8


  6. Well, thatr’s a win-win result eh? A beautiful journal and a bargain to boot – have a great time decorating and filling it up!!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxxx


  7. Ebay is my go-to place for what I want, for less! Of course, sometimes bidding wars end up with the opposite financial goal, but getting what you want is its own reward sometimes, too. So glad you got your favorite planner.

    In my own experience, with regular life-living, writing things down that I’d like to do often takes the place of actually doing them, so I try to never write down or announce what I’m going to do. As Julia Roberts said in “Pretty Woman”, “I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal”…. when it comes to daily life.

    On the other hand, when it comes to travel or specific projects, I am a huge planner. A huge writer-downer. When I have an actual big Thing That Must Be Done or Place That Shall Be Visited, I’m a Google maniac, looking up the best way to get everything done for the least amount of cash, etc.

    I guess I’m bi-planner (ha)!


  8. HI Claire, I am thinking it would be easy enough to toss the calendar pages or paint over them and use them as art squares. ( tiny things you wanted to try) same thing for the cover. 🙂 ~Stacy #25


  9. This planner is gorgeous, I’ve never heard of it before. The letter project is interesting, I’ll read it carefully later. Talking about planner, what datebook are you using now? I followed you with the We’moon for several years, but I know you have changed to another one. I’m not sure which one I’ll order for next year. Love to hear your suggestion 🙂


  10. Glad you found a good bargain that you can use! Letter writing is not my forte, but I do understand how lovely it is to receive one! I tried setting up a Pen Pal relationship with a friend who moved away, but it only lasted 3 letters, 2 from me and 1 from her. Oh well!


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