Sunday trees 349

Willows abound round here (the village used to be surrounded by marshes, which now are very fertile farmland), so you may see a few featured here over the coming weeks…


Sharing with Becca.

4 thoughts on “Sunday trees 349

  1. Why is there a number 349 in the title of this post? Have I missed 348 other photos of trees? If so, I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Speaking of willows:

    1. The son of Bruce Robinson (who wrote and directed “Withnail & I”) is named Willoughby – and goes by “Willow”. He’s a beautiful boy, and a very talented singer/songwriter, too.

    2. I was just looking on Google Earth at the town in which I grew up. Near the Mill Dam Pond, there’s a large Catholic church which used to have a tremendous, gigundo willow tree on their property, near the edge of the water. Sadly, the tree is gone. Someone has planted a small willow tree in the approximate location of the old one. Perhaps one of those hurricanes we had took the big one down…

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    1. Becca (the host of Sunday trees) has been posting for 349 weeks, can you believe?? I have not been so consistent!!
      1. I did wonder about his name, as Willow is usually a girl’s name…
      2. Am glad they’ve replaced the old willow – they do have shallow roots (reach far outwards, but not that deep), so are prone to being blown over :/


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