Sunday trees 358

Autumn cometh…

As the leaves shrivel and die, the conkers grow ever larger in their prickly cases.

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Look what my new LWA penpal** sent…desk-001.JPGInside the envelope was a splendid 5-page letter! Sadly, I cannot return the compliment with wonderful paper-craft but I can, at least, write a proper letter with my proper fountain pen 😀

Short and sweet – just how Julia likes it!

** I’ve had several penpals over the years through the LWA (I still correspond with one of my original pals). You get lifetime membership, and when you’re ready to write to more than your original two people, they’ll send you two more – it’s a really great organisation fo letter-writers!


Boy, Wednesday does come around quickly, and how can September be almost half over already?? I’m still recovering from August! Yesterday’s desk…type.JPGMore letter-writing this week, plus sermon preparation, and making time for arty, collagey things like Sunday’s new moon spread which I shared here.

Please note my new favourite desk item – I found this dinky, vintage (1930s/40s?) flip calendar here – I’ve always wanted one (my beloved grandad had one), it was a bargain (they can go for silly money on ebay!), and it works beautifully with a very satisfying click as the next tile number slips down into the window 😀date-001.JPGThe desk party is happening here.


Yesterday’s desk late afternoon (gone 5pm on the clock, I’ve just noticed, so maybe early evening is more accurate). The light’s not great, but you can see the somewhat-contained chaos involved when I’m writing letters…desk.JPGMany thanks for all the lovely comments last week – I didn’t get round as many desks as I’d hoped. The inspection went OK we think, but no word from the landlord or the agent yet, so who knows…

And yesterday, I went to hydrotherapy – yay, the pool is open again 😀 I promptly slept for 2 hours after lunch, but it feels so good to know I can look forward to weekly sessions again – truly it is such a relief!!

I’m out for lunch today (a rare girlie get-together with childhood friends), but I hope to visit as many desks this morning as I can. Sharing with Julia here.

PS The hand-stamped stationery is from lotus blu.