Sunday trees 366

Here’s last week’s wee tree in among his neighbours… Now you can see why I love him so – that burst of fire amid the rich evergreens! Sharing with Becca.colour



I’m afraid I didn’t get around as many desks as I’d hoped last week – it was a BUSY week! On my desk today – ably assisted by my wee Liberty frog whom I found lurking in a box the other week (I’d wondered where he’d gone!) …desk-001.JPG… preparations for the second of a 4-week pre-Advent group (as December is always SO busy, I prefer to ‘prepare our hearts for Christmas’ early – we end the group on Advent Sunday, hopefully a little more centred and calm).

We started last Sunday with St Bridget (a favourite Celtic saint), and this week, it’s St Brendan – what a guy!! He’s believed to have landed on Newfoundland hundreds of years before the first Vikings, and almost 1000 years before Columbus ‘discovered’ America!

Sharing the knowledge that every day’s a school day here 🙂


what’s on your workdesk? wednesday 492

The New Reed** Moon is tonight, but I made my moonboard yesterday, so I could photograph and post today…board-001.JPGI was even inspired to pen a wee poem…

Root your days in Gratitude,

Leave your nights to the Unknown –

there are always stars to guide you

and Sister Moon knows the way.

Sharing the creativity here.

** while reed is not a tree, the Celtic ogham calendar recognises other plants too. The message of reed is deep rootedness, and the inner strength to thrive in the ambiguity of other elements (earth and water), and be nourished by both. A most versatile plant used by humans for millennia for roofs and floors, baskets and pipes…


It’s been a very busy week – emotionally and physically demanding – but I DID finish the jigsaw, finally! It’s now back in its box, and it may be a while before I attempt another :/ P1050305-001.JPGWishing you all a Happy Halloween, and a Special Samhain ❤

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